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      Product & solution
      wireless for better life
      About us
      The pursuit of perfection, to create excellence

      FreeWings Technologies Co.,Ltd

      Is a focus on wireless communication technology and product solutions for high-tech enterprises; since the founding of the company adhering to the "wireless better life" vision, "continued to create value for customers" mission, adhere to the "core value of innovation, quality, speed, service" values; adhere to the core technology and independent research and development continuous innovation, has received more than 20 software copyrights and patents in the wireless communication protocol, RF and audio technology, after years of development, in close cooperation with the world's top semiconductor manufacturers Qualcomm, CSR, Vimicro, STMicroelectronics, microchip and Nordic, launched a series of Bluetooth, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, low power consumption NFC products and solutions, to provide complete short distance wireless access and audio and audio networking application solutions, the products have been successfully applied In consumer electronics, audio products, industrial control, networking, smart home, wearable devices and other fields, the global service customers up to more than and 50.

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      Innovation, quality, speed, service
      Cooperative partner
      Continue to create value for customers
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